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Mac Bros Beach Setups has partnered with Sand Helper to ensure that everyone can enjoy access to the beach. These motorized beach wheelchairs (the Sand Scooter) have a patent-pending four-wheel-drive design that can navigate the beach with ease. We are proud to work with Sand Helper so that no one on The Outer Banks gets left behind!

Sand Scooter Rentals

Motorized beach wheelchair rentals for the Outer Banks. We will do all the heavy lifting for you; delivering the Sand Scooter to your door and picking it up at the end of your vacation. With Sand Helper, no family member gets left behind!

Weekly Sand Scooter Rentals - $500

One weekly rental of our 4x4, motorized beach wheelchair rentals. We drop-off and pick-up the wheelchair, and provide two batteries (one as a spare) that can go 8-miles each. We also provide a charger for the batteries when not in use. See our FAQ below for any questions you may have about the rental, or contact us for more information.


In the lobby, right outside of the lobby, or somewhere in the parking lot or garage of your beach condo. As long as it isn't blocking any kind of traffic. You will take the key inside with you for security when the chair is not in use. The batteries are also removable and can be charged inside of your room.

Our beach wheelchair holds two batteries and runs off of one of them at a time. One acts as a spare. In total, on a single charge, the sand scooter will go approximately 8 miles. These batteries are removable and rechargeable. Just carry them inside and plug into the wall overnight. Chargers are provided with the rental.

Our beach wheelchair has two 12 lb removable batteries (with key). At night, you can leave the wheelchair in a safe place downstairs and you or a friend can carry these batteries inside to charge overnight. We provide the chargers, which are just like a laptop charger, and they plug right into a 110V wall outlet.

Most people will load onto the machine by stepping onto the footplate in the front. Another common method is to fold an armrest up, sit on it from the side between the tires, and then bring your legs around to the forward-facing position. Consider these dimensions to see if Sand Helper is a good fit for you: seat height: 27"; tire height (diameter): 21"; distance from side of seat to the outside of tires: 8".

We deliver the wheelchair directly to where you are staying. No need to move it yourself!

Mac Bros Beach Services requires a one-week minimum rental, but there is no limit to how long you can rent our beach wheelchairs.

About 4mph, which is an average walking pace.

We accept all forms of credit card, cash, and checks as payment methods.

Because of the large sand tires, the wheelchair won't go through a standard door, but you will leave the wheelchair downstairs or outside, and take the key with you for security.

Yes, contact our partners at Sand Helper for more information: [email protected]

Ready to Enjoy the Beach?

Why Choose Mac Bros?

Our service, run by brothers has been helping families enjoy their vacations on the OBX since 2014. We offer:

1. Flexible service

From Corolla to Nags Head, you can guarantee that all of your rental equipment will be at your desired beach spot by 9 am. We operate rain or shine, so when the weather gets rough, you can roll out, and we'll take care of the rest.

2. Quality equipment

We provide the highest quality 10x10 E-Z UP tents, 8ft umbrellas, cabanas, chairs, footrests, coolers w/ice, cornhole, bar top/table, speakers, and blenders. These packages include a full-service setup and breakdown each day. Leave the heavy lifting to us!

3. No Payment Upfront

We don't require any payment or credit card upfront. We accept payment at the end of your vacation when you’re fully satisfied with our services.

We had a great vacation that was made even better by the Mac Bros Beach Set Up. We knew we could go to the beach and all the heavy stuff was there and when we left at the end of the day... we didn’t have to carry it back. Their communication was great! And, when we asked for advice, they had great ideas. We have told everyone about them and will use them again!

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Ready to enjoy the beach? We have the best prices & service guaranteed. We don't collect any money upfront. We accept payment at the end of your vacation when you're fully satisfied with the service we provide. Call 252-435-4586 or submit the request form below and we will get right back to you.


Whether you need a cooler - with ice! - or a enough chairs and umbrellas for your family, we have packages to make your vacation planning a breeze.

We've partnered with Sweet Rides to provide the coolest way to explore the OBX.

Whether you're interested in a custom quote or really just want to know the best place to catch fish in OBX, we're more than happy to speak with you.


In OBX, the weather is often uncertain. If a storm hits, pop down your umbrellas and head back to your house - we will pick up your stuff ASAP. If you think the storm will pass, come back to the beach hands-free and we will haul everything back when you text us.